Outlandish legacy

Dror Studio's Tron Armchair is unconventional but interestingly reminiscent of the possibilities of a digital world.

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Bulky, masculine and rather industrial looking… The Tron Armchair does not, at first glance, appear to be something one might acquaint with Walt Disney, but here’s the story.

New York-based Dror Benshetrit created the Tron Armchair for Design Miami 2010, Cappellini and Walt Disney Signature. The armchairs draw inspiration from the Walt Disney Pictures film Tron: Legacy, a hi-tech 3D adventure set in the digital world.

With the armchairs, Benshetrit wanted to communicate the complex meaning of objects while paying tribute to the outlandish digital terrain seen in the movie. He also wanted the objects to become part of the narratives in very simple ways, with easy metaphorical and literal transformations.

Benshetrit individually hand-finishes each piece, which comprises intersecting layers and textures of “digital” rock. The materials used for the construction of the chair consist of fibreglass with polyester resin, which gets processed through manual layering.

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