Opposing meanings

The clever folks at Pentagram in New York sent an ingenious little book that challenges you to a word game, but not just any word game.

From the Series

Pentragram’s little black book titled See Opposite is any word-lover’s dream. It’s a book of twelve antigrams.

An antigram is a rare type of anagram that works by taking all the letters in a word or phrase and rearranging these letters to create another word or phrase with the opposite meaning to the original. The new word or phrase is then the antigram.

In See Opposite a word or phrase is given. On the right hand page there is then an illustration and a clue as to what the antigram of the word or phrase on the left hand page is in. For example: “Real fun” on the left hand page has the clue “final farewell (one word)” on the right hand page. Shuffle the letters of “real fun” around and look at the gloomy picture on the right and you’ll get the word “funeral”!

Other examples are “Honestly” with the clue “Behind your back (three words)" that then reads as “On the sly”. This one is also really clever: One word for “No more stars” with the clue “Stargazers”, turns into "astronomers”.

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