Month ten

The October Show at Salon91 in Cape Town presents the work of an all-male creative cast.

The October Show at Salon91 in the Mother City presents the work of an all-male cast of Cape Town-based creatives.

Running until 29 October 2011, the mixed media exhibition features the work of Paul Senyol, Andrew Sutherland, Daniel Ting Chong and Jordan Metcalf.

Straddling the lines between fine art, design and street art, the October Show showcases work with a strong urban feel.

For the exhibition Metcalf and Ting Chong collaborated on a project titled “Fear.Less”. The objects in the project all represent weapons and items used in acts of crime in South Africa, both my criminals and those on the side of the law.

With this project Ting Chong and Metcalf wanted to playfully examine the South African obsession with violence and the casual paranoia that everybody seems to suffer from. “By scaling the objects and turning them into art pieces, the artists aim to re-contextualise the place these items hold in our everyday psyche.

Senyol and Sutherland collaborated on a piece, painted on wood. Senyol also presents six new pieces of work at the October Show, titled “Fill their hands”, “Roam”, “Them skipping stones”, “Recollections”, “Fire at midnight” and “You are”. With these pieces Senyol purposefully challenges the boundary of his creative work in terms of colour, content and composition.