Mix & Shakr

Eddie Opara designed an identity, web application and data visualisation for Carlo Ratti's robotic barman, Makr Shakr.

As any cocktail connoisseur knows, mixology is a precise science, and everyone has their own way of customising their favourite drink. Now, with Makr Shakr, the robotic barman, anyone is able to create their favourite drink exactly how they like it. 

Carlo Ratti of MIT Senseable City Lab designed a system that allows people to invent their own drink recipes, while digitally controlled machines turn these into reality.

The project featured an identity, web application and data visualisation designed by Pentagram’s Eddie Opara.

The app and Makr Shakr identity uses a hexagon-shaped system that is both organic and mechanical. It appears as a decorative structure on the user's smartphone or tablet screen. 

Once a drink is put in the queue, the user's profile is accompanied by a visualisation of the drink being put together. Users can see the count of drinks in the queue, along with an estimated waiting time for their drink – something that anyone who’s waited at a crowded bar will appreciate. 

Opara further incorporated an element into the app that allows users to drink responsibly. The digital design system monitors alcohol consumption and blood alcohol levels by inputting basic physical data, something beyond what a traditional barman can do.

Makr Shakr made its debut at Milan Furniture Fair earlie this year. Read more about the robotic creation here.  

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