Lucky types

The Cape Town-based LuckyFella clothing label produces limited-edition T-shirts that allow typography to exist in the real world.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” These are wise words from Confucius and also the motivating philosophy of Cape Town-based freelance graphic designer and typographer Luke Ritchie.

With his LuckyFella clothing label Ritchie creates typographic T-shirts. Originating from a desire to create clean and custom typographic-inspired clothing, LuckyFella is a way for Ritchie’s creation to “actually exist in the real world”. He found a T-shirt to be the ideal medium for this.

The T-shirts are all “super duper premium” crafted and only available in limited-edition of 160. “Vintage”, “1950s”, “classic”, “plain white tee”, “with a twist” and “custom typography”, are some of the terms Ritchie uses to describe his designs.