Loving the world

"Imagine Your World" is a zero-waste activity set that teaches children about their connection to the planet.

As global climate change threatens the future of the planet, it is important to understand how we are part of a larger natural system and how our presence in this system affects the natural world.

Teaching children from a young age that they are part of a system, a human system that is dependent on other systems for survival, might encourage the next generation to imagine the future of the world in a different, more sustainable way.

And what better way to teach children about important issues than with a fun set of activities.

Imagine Your World is a “zero-waste activity set that entices young imaginations to go out and explore, draw, collect, write, discover and ultimately imagine the future of our world”.

Produced by Grow Books Press in Chicago, the Imagine Your World activity set is 100% compostable or recyclable and consists of  posters that encourage kids to discover their world, explore their community, retreat to their home, cultivate a garden, love and wonder about their family, and prepare and share a meal.