The little stove that could

The winner in the social impact category of the 2013 Core77 Design Awards professional category is BioLite HomeStove by BioLite LLC, New York.

Converting waste heat into electricity, the BioLite HomeStove aims to reduce global warming and eliminate greenhouse gas emission.

BioLite have developed an indoor stove, which generates electricity through converting smoke into energy, providing users with the capability to charge mobile phones and power LED lights.

The project was developed in response to the fact that some 3 million people cook their food on wood and solid fluids. The toxic smoke that results from these types of indoor fires kill nearly four million people every year.

The stove provides immediate value to users through energy and health benefits, without greatly changing daily behaviour, says BioLite.

The HomeStove, through its unique technology and business model, aims to revolutionise the way people use open fires while simultaneously yielding on-demand energy, long-term health benefits, local economic opportunities and fighting climate change.



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