Linear park

A diagonal urban park in Barcelona connects the city to its natural surrounds.

Designed by urban design and landscape architects West 8, the Segrera Linear Park is a public green space running through the epicentre of Barcelona, Spain.

Diagonal in form, the park covers a 4km-long corridor that runs from the edge of the city to the centre and along the tunnel route of a new high-speed train that runs between France and Barcelona.

Segrera Linear Park is part of a “Slow Barcelona” initiative that aims to introduce an element of serenity to the urban rush. The park also works to connect the city to the sea and to its natural surroundings and zones of biodiversity.

As a reflection of the historical character of the neighbourhoods, the Segrera Linear Park comprises various micro-parks that are joined by a common diagonal axis. The walkways are ideal for both pedestrians and cyclists, with lots of shade and pause points. Outdoor seating further add to the pleasure of utilising this space.