Life blood

In the social impact category of the Core77 Design Awards student category, a notable mention went to Haemobility Mobile Blood Donation.

Haemobility Mobile Blood Donation by Innovation Design Engineering, Royal College of Art, London.

Despite our life-and-death reliance on it, there is a lot of stigma around blood donation that hamper the pubic's donation thereof.

The Haemobility Mobile Blood Donation projects seeks to address this stigma be reimagining mobile blood donation in the UK and encouraging wider participation in donating blood.

The project consists of a mobile blood donation trolley that allows for donations to take place in various locations, while also making it easier, safer, cleaner and a more pleasant experience for the donor. A simple and intuitive low-cost testing device and first aid kit comes with the trolley, as well as the functionality to reveal blood type.

While current blood donation processes represent a medical procedure, the Haemobility Mobile Blood Donation’s approach focuses on a design-driven proposition to deliver a more humanised service. 

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