Just for fun

Matali Crasset's new designs for Domeau & Pérès are pretty, fun and carry subliminal messages.

“When Jim meets Julie” sounds like the happy story of what happens when boy loves girl. It also works well as the name of a set of “his and hers” pillows designed by Matali Crasset for Domeau & Pérès. It’s a pillow that lures one into a restful night of sleep, or a fun night of play. Hidden in the green arrows fixed onto the pillow, there's a message best left for deciphering by Jim and Julie. The pillowcases are also 100% cotton for added comfort.

“About-Face” meanwhile is another Crasset creation for Domeau & Pérès. About-Face is a more metaphoric design that adheres to Crasset’s meticulous style. Resembling a mask in shape, the idea is that when the mask falls off the real truth is revealed. This object is also multi-functional, adding to the mask analogy. About-Face works equally well as a decorative item, say against a wall, or as a functional container for everything from fruit to crystal balls.

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