Italian honour

Studio Formafantasma pays homage to great Italian designer and architect Roberto Sambonet at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair.

From the Series

Underlining the differences between interpretation and representation of history, Studio Formafantasma’s "Cucina Sambonet" installation highlights the differences between reality and imagination.

Asked as one of ten designers to partake in the Masters of Italian Design exhibition, which showcases a personal interpretation of the work done by a prominent figure in Italian design, Studio Formafantasma is honouring the late designer and architect Roberto Sambonet.

"Cucina Sambonet" is conceived as an imaginary space, which showcases the iconic tableware pieces designed by Sambonet and his cook column “I’arte in tavola” for business newspaper Ilsole 24 Ore.

The focal point of the installation is the portrait of Sambonet, which Formafantasma ambiguously constructed between fiction and historical accuracy. Purposely with the aim of blurring the differences between reality and its representation, the work of Sambonet has been edited and transformed into stage elements of drawings, collected objects and designed pieces displayed as props.

The installation is accompanied by a video constructed as a portrait where an actor interprets the designer interacting with various iconic pieces. An off-camera voice informs visitors of Sambonet’s approach to design and how it changed over time.

"Cucina Sambonet" is on display during the Milan Furniture Fair until 14 April 2013.