Imagined logos for Lagos businesses

Lagos-based identity design studio Light Design created a series of fun fake logos for imaged Lagos firms to stretch their creative muscles.

Lagos-based design studio Light Design created a series of imagined logos for fictional Lagos business. Their creative experiment, a lesson in discipline and a search for inspiration, ran through-out the month of August. 

The resulting companies are as diverse in offerings as stationary to blame your lover for the challenges in your life, to accountants who use tallies not tech, and a paint company that takes colour inspiration from the eclipsing sun. Here is a selection of the logos they created.

Cross-eyed consulting

They say the cross-eyed have a 3rd eye. Well we consider our consulting practices cross-eyed because we are as through as it gets. We become you and you become us and together we cover EVERYTHING!

Blame Bae Limited (BBL)

Bae is always wrong. And it doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do, Bae is just always, always, wrong. BBL provides a variety of tools—cards, courier services, gifs, singers, belly dancers—to help you blame your bae for all the trouble in your life.

Circle Tally Accountants

Accountants count don’t they? So what sets these guys apart? Well they count in circles using the tally system developed over centuries of trial and error and passed on through generations of Circle Talliers. No computers, no spreadsheets, no fancy leather bound ledger books, just plain old circle tallying for all your accounting needs.

Eclipse Paints

One of the dopest occurrences in the world is an eclipse. There are so many paint companies selling so many different hues of paint, based on the colours in the rainbow or the colours in nature, or the imagination, yet no one — and we spent a year checking – no one is making colours based on the eclipse. So we set out to create a company that does just that. 


Beans o beans. We love beans. Beans makes us happy. Beans makes us smile. Beans is our life. Beans is our soul. You can eat beans anytime and you can make anything from beans – cakes, pastries, burgers. Beans is life!

Controlla Skating Company

Drake is all the way to gear six on his “views from the six” album, and well we love him and wanted to name our roller blading company “One Dance” but folks reminded us that roller blading in Lagos is not dancing, rather it’s a form of transportation, so we went with “Controlla”, “as per blading through traffic like, controlla! Controlla!!”

Ranger Danger

Ever feel like someone is watching you? Like you are being followed? We are not the police but we can keep you safe. Call us and rest assured we are right behind you ahead of them. We offer real life protection for the average joe.                         

Art is Watching and Company (AiW&C)

“Art is watching mostly in disbelief at how much design is art and art is design.” AiW&C tracks design and art activities around the globe and publishes reports on the links between both set of activities.

Educate the People

Good Heart Foundation

Man Inc

Plum Flour

Woodpecker Sculptors