Hempsuit by the Joinery

Organic fashion brand The Joinery uses hemp as a design material to reduce the carbon footprint of the local fashion industry.

The sisters of ethically inspired fashion brand The Joinery create garments that provide an alternative to the way clothing is produced today. With a strong emphasis on sustainable design principles and the reduction of the local fashion industry’s carbon footprint, they are led by the mantra of “Do Something. Anything”.

Natalie and Kim have been exploring the possibilities of hemp as a main material for their garments. Their latest design, the Hempsuit, makes use of this sustainable and carbon neutral fibre. Their reason for using hemp is that it has a low environmental impact: it is grown without toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and improves soil quality.

Wearing hemp could reduce the resources needed to clothe the earth’s inhabitants by one third, says Natalie.

The Joinery’s Hempsuit was showcased at Design Indaba Expo 2015 as part of its “First Editions” feature.