Happy flow

Lists, flowcharts and illustrations. Stefan G Bucher has designed a self-help manual for the creatively minded.

From the Series

While there may not be an equation for happiness, a flowchart might be more useful in figuring life’s big questions.

And it’s all here, in one beautifully designed book by Stefan G Bucher. Yes, 344 Questions: The Creative Person’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival and Artistic Fulfillment is a self-help guide like no other.

344 Questions is filled with lists and flowcharts, in Bucher’s characteristic style, and they all aim to help you puzzle out the Big Stuff. From analyzing what makes you feel grateful to exploring your ideas of happiness and planning where you want to be, 344 Questions is more than a self-imposed psychoanalytical job, it’s just a lot of fun.

In addition to Bucher’s questions, lists and charts, the book also features contributions but the likes of Christoph Niemann, Stefan Sagmeister, Marian Bantjes and Jakob Trollbäck.

The book was designed to be explored in sequence but it works just as well if you just want to randomly select a section that appeals to you. 344 Questions asks to be tucked into and doodled on, it wants to be used and enjoyed rather than sit stagnant on a bookshelf or coffee table somewhere.

This is like alternative, creative self-help at its best.

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