The goofy vertical vehicle

Getting from A to B in a vertical, electrical transportation system that you built yourself.
The Dorkpod

In an era where we’re officially debating the ethics of self-driving cars and the dangers associated with burgeoning technology like Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it helps to take the edge off by getting a little silly. A good place to start is the Dorkpod. Described as “goofy” by its creators Tinkersmiths Marketspace, the Dorkpod is a do-it-yourself, personal, vertical transport system.

Fully customisable and electric, the upright-travel system is a lightweight plywood skeleton designed to be mounted on a used electric wheelchair base to create a new type of personal transportation. The vehicle is part of beDorky, a series of DIY-kits that can also be purchased fully assembled.

The project was recently launched on Kickstarter.

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