Going bos

Tea in a can has never been this cool... and refreshing, and tasty. And have you checked out the packaging?

There’s that old saying that only mad dogs and Englishmen drink tea. But that’s only because the packaging didn’t look this funky back when the phrase was coined. Ok, but we’re also not talking about tea in the traditional sense but rather tea in a can, BOS Iced Tea.

Produced in Woodstock, Cape Town, BOS Iced Tea is a new refreshingly local offering, that uses organic rooibos blended with natural fruit flavours and herbs. It’s produced with environmental integrity in mind and hopes to promote the health benefits of this beverage.

The President are responsible for the very bright, super cool packaging. With it’s pop-art influences and almost retro feel, the design feels truly African. With a lion as the main feature, it further enhances that Afro feel.

With summer more than just winking at us, the peach, lemon and apple flavours are most welcome at any occasion this silly season. The organic rooibos that is used in the blends are cultivated in the Cederberg and include gingko biloba, panax ginseng, gotu kola and guarana.