Furqan Jawed’s talking smack with a poster a day

Indian graphic designer and illustrator Furqan Jawed celebrates the crazy conversations he overhears with "A Poster Everyday".

When you think no one is listening to the crazy things you say, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology student Furqan Jawed could be standing close with his note pad and pen. As with most overheard conversations, things can be taken out of context but that’s where the Indian student’s magic comes in.

Every day he adds colour and humour to the uncensored banter that catches his eyes and ears on the Internet and in his everyday life. Combining his love for typography and his ability to keep up with universal conversations, he turns what most would overlook as insignificant dribble into graphic creations with his latest project "A Poster Everyday". 

His creativity doesn’t begin and end with his current project. His previous ‘Bad Girls’ poster series spoke to the double standards of Indian society. The young designer is clearly as socially conscious as he is creative.