Functions for green

Functional Green is an installation that looks at ways of making urban farming really accessible.

Design collective Stadtpark created the Functional Green installation for the Vienna Design Week earlier this year. It focuses on the different aspects of urban gardening.

Stadtpark is the iniative of Polish designers Maciej Chmara and Anna Rosinke who with the installation explored ways in which people might take responsibility for something they don’t own, like an urban garden in a city.

Looking to questions like “is there a base for urban farming to redefine regional good production?”  and “can specialist knowledge of migrants coming from rural areas help or better social integration and acceptance?” Functional Green relied on the cooperation of the public, highlighting the social aspect of urban agriculture.

At the Vienna Design Week Stadtpark transformed an old slaughterhouse into a temporary space for experimenting with plants. It was a living art exhibition that looked at ways of building with natural materials and growing vegetables using these structures.

Chmara recently started a blog where he posts a step-by-step guide to urban farming. Follow his work here.