A filmmaking sprint

The “fastest film ever made” from script to screen is now a Guinness World Records holder.

Made in ten days, 10.5 hours, for approximately R10 000, Shotgun Garfunkel has officially become the world record holder for the fastest film ever made from concept to screen.

It was written, produced, directed, acted and shot in Johannesburg in May this year by a production company made up of three existing production companies that joined forces to attempt the record.

“We wanted to make a movie but we didn't have time or money,” said Asher Stoltz of Team Best, one of the three companies with Localala Productions and Ghost Sheep Productions.

“We found online that the fastest feature ever made was from India in 11 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes and thought, we can beat that. Things get complicated though. We also wanted to make a good film and that takes money. We didn’t have money. However, going for the world record makes people generous – they want to be a part of something groundbreaking. You can’t ask someone to work for free for four weeks, but you can ask them to help out for a couple of days,” he said.

"Shotgun Garfunkel" centres around the main character, Robbie, who is bored and feeling alone after breaking up with his “seemingly perfect girlfriend”. He enlists his old school friends to join him on a night on the town in Johannesburg in a bid to recapture some of the excitement of their youth.

The film will be distributed by Indigenous Films.