Federico Babina uses architecture to explain mental illness

Babina cleverly represents what different mental illnesses look like.

The Barcelona-based artist who also made his own version of the Kama Sutra using buildings instead of people, released his new series which uses architecture to show what different types of mental illnesses looks like. Archiatric depicts 16 different mental conditions as works of architecture in various states of repair.  

Alzheimer by Federico Babina

Mental illness is still stigmatised in many parts of the world and is largely misunderstood. The series offers a reflection between the relationship between creativity and psychopathology.

Anxiety by Federico Babina

Although the images are abstract, the accompanying animated video further intensifies the effects of the illustrations. “I don’t want to put a romantic aura around the discomfort and suffering of mental illness, but rather to make a reflection on the prejudices and negative stigmas with which the pathologies of the mind are often observed," Babina told Designboom

Autism by Federico Babina 

Bipolar by Federico Babina 

Dementia by Federico Babina 

Depression by Federico Babina 

Dissociative disorders by Federico Babina 

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