Droog's hardware will make you happy

The Dutch studio puts the fun into functional with an award-winning range of smile-inducing nuts and bolts.

Sometimes it's the little things that count. Droog has taken this literally by focussing on the functional elements in furniture that are often invisible.

The Dutch studio has launched Construct Me!, a collection of  screws, hinges, nuts, nails, brackets and other hardware whose design "adds value, character and a richer narrative" to everyday hardware.

In some cases the pieces are designed as functional improvements to existing hardware - such as nails that reduce the risk of hitting your finger and tie wraps that offer two ways of being tied. Other pieces inject some levity into the generic: fancy hinges with Memphis-inspired patterns, nails with heads of gold mesh and others with x-shaped heads, screws that smile and wink at you and brackets with scalloped edges.

"They give flavour to simple DIY work, revive existing furniture and challenge the designer," the studio's website reads.

The collection of 210 hardware items were launched in their "natural habitat" – an ordinary hardware store – at Milan Design Week. The Construct Me! Hardware Collection won a Milano Design Award 2015 in the category of "Best Tech". Droog was one of 15 nominees for the award selected from the 440 presentations shown during the Salone del Mobile 2015. The judges applauded Droog's attention to the "micro" level and their creation of an accessible but impactful design intervention.