#DITakeover on Instagram: Jens Martin Skibsted

Inside the world of (and some sneak peeks from) Danish designer and co-founder of both KiBiSi and Biomega, Jens Martin Skibsted.

In his #DITakeover on Instagram last week, Jens Martin Skibsted filled our account with the two-wheel appeal of Biomega bikes and the minimalistic faces of Facette, a newly launched Bulbul watch designed by KiBiSi. As spring settles over Copenhagen, Skibsted shot images of the lush greenery, the cool sun and the sparkling waters of Copenhagen.

Highlights from Skibsted’s takeover included a sneak peek of the first edition of Ogojiii, a bi-quarterly print magazine that will focus on the future of design and global affairs. This was followed by another sneak peek – of the Biomega PEK, a supersized urban cargo bike that will launch soon.

Check our IG account for more images from Skibsted’s takeover. This week the #DITakeover goes to Amsterdam with “eating designer” Marije Vogelzang guest posting on our account.


First edition of new African design magazine

The new Bulbul watch, Facette, designed by KiBiSi is out today. #DITakeover by @jmskibsted

The Biomega store, Copenhagen. @biomega #DITakeover by @jmskibsted

The original Biomega bike by Marc Newson. @biomega #DITakeover by @jmskibsted

Biomega PEK - supersized urban cargo bike launching in 2 weeks - too big for Instagram. #DITakeover by @jmskibsted of @biomega

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