Desirable jewels

"See it. Touch it. Need it" is the catch phrase for Shelley & Harry's "Luxury" jewellery collection.

Shelley & Harry unveiled their Luxury jewellery collection at Design Indaba Expo's First Editions feature this year.  

The Shelley & Harry Jewellery Collection specifically selects traditional precious metals and stones that embrace the appreciation of Cape Town’s indigenous flora to create jewellery pieces with a minimalist aesthetic.  

For the Luxury collection, Shelley & Harry crafted bracelets, rings and earrings from sterling silver. Adding a hint of nine-carat rose and yellow gold as well as sprinklings of diamonds, the pieces are striking in their understated simplicity. 

The collection’s catch phrase is “See it. Touch it. Need it!” which is exactly what comes to mind when viewing the delicate pieces.