Crazy carpets

Whoever said that carpets can't be made from plastic forks, balloons or pasta? We Make Carpets use alternative materials for this purpose.
Posted 29 Nov 11 By Design Indaba Craft Creative Work / Design News Comments

Bricks, balloons, pasta, paper clips, clothes pegs and plastic forks are just some of the unconventional objects that a Dutch design trio use to make large-scale carpets.

Bob Waardenburg, Marcia Nolte and Stijn van der Vleuten are collectively known as We Make Carpets. They combine traditional skills with their critical view of consumer society and bring it to life in the form of a contemporary take on an age-old craft.

For their creations We Make Carpets use products and materials that are generally seen to be of little or no value. Objects like plasters and cotton balls are then arranged in a graphic pattern. The trio are inspired by the colours, shapes and possibilities of the different materials.