Cracks appearing

In product design it’s often true that the real character of an object is expressed through its imperfections.

Singapore designer Fung Kwok Pan explores notions of imperfection in his “Crack” project. By creating forms with deliberate imperfections in the design and manufacturing phase, the final form becomes reliant on various forces of nature and randomness.

Using the proportions of an ancient vase to create a virtual 3D model, Kwok Pan created an algorithmic procedure to develop a faceted version of the vase. A starch mould in four parts was then creating using 3D printing technology. This mould was then used to cast patterns, allowing for deliberate failures by “premature demoulding, resulting in fragmented forms.

Next a shell mould was created by dipping the system into ceramic slurry and sand which is then fired and made ready for an aluminium pour. The ceramic shell was broken to reveal the casted aluminum forms together with the gating system.

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