Court Circuit

Matali Crasset's new pendant lamp is made using raw circuit boards, yet it resembles a gorgeous blooming flower.

“Court Circuit” is the name of Matali Crasset’s new pendant suspension lamp for Italian manufacturer Danese Milano.

 One of the key features of Court Circuit is that it embraces its function as its form. Curiously, what is presented as the petals of a blooming flower are in fact raw circuit boards embedded with LEDs.

At the same time Court Circuit interprets the material connections of LEDs. Supported by a single diffuser, the LED is the only element holding the Court Circuit together.

Crasset says it best in her own words: “Designing with led requires a change of approach: it’s not like designing with the incandescent light bulbs which have their own physicality and unify 'mechanical' components, it’s almost a 'do-it-yourself' approach. It doesn’t mean to add new potentials, but to interpret the ones already existing in the material itself. The printed circuit is an intelligent and complex material, not an aesthetic skin with technology inside or a simple sum of layers, but it’s something integrated, closer to the functionality of the human body where everything is profoundly connected”. 

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