Convenient coffee

Yvés Behar has designed a smartphone-controlled coffee experience that allows users to order remotely and pick up their coffee quickly.

Using the finest ingredients and robotic technology, Yvés Behar has designed a smartphone-controlled coffee experience like no other.

Coffee company Briggo and Behar of Fuseproject partnered on the idea of a new coffee experience focusing on convenience. The concept behind Coffee Haus emphasises an automatic and convenient way to deliver the best artisan coffees.

The technology behind the project allows customers to create their perfect cup of coffee. You can personalise, order and purchase the drink from a smartphone, save your favourite recipe in the cloud, receive a text message when it’s ready and pick up a completely finished drink quickly and conveniently, eliminating the long waits at most coffee shops.

The design of the small environment follows a similar thread: it is easy to install in airports, hospitals, corporate and university campuses, where mobility and quality are key. The concept of an extruded small house shape with tables and stools is expressed through the use of real materials such as wood veneers, glass and aluminium. Some transparency reveals the coffee-making technology, and the sound cues a traditional coffee experience such as bean grinding.

Coffee Haus’s first location is on the University of Texas campus in Austin. Briggo and Behar are moving towards full developments of they system at airports, hospitals and corporate spaces. 

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