Concrete style

Representing the three different stages of cement, Suzaan Heyn's latest collection reveals the versatility in fashion design.

Fashion designer Suzaan Heyns continues an exploration of an unlikely material in her latest collection and campaign.

Known for her avant-garde ideals and classic silhouettes, Heyns has unveiled her Spring/Summer 2012-2013 campaign, “Reimagine Concrete”. The designer extends her investigation into cement as a medium that showcases innovation and creativity in the fashion world.

Working closely with fashion stylist Eduard Bruwer, Heyns takes inspiration from the different stages of cement for her collection. With a cleverly thought-out selection of colour and texture she successfully represents the three stages of cement. Collaborating with PPC Cement, Heyns was able to draw on the company's rich history of using concrete creatively in order to prompt the use of the material and extend mediums of versatility in the fashion industry. 

Heyns uses soft, weightless pale fabrics to represent cement in powder form, and heavy matte fabrics gathered into tailored pleats to represent hardened concrete. For the in-between stage, Heyns uses draped layered bodices to simulate the wetness of cement.

The collection is accompanied by bold geometric jewellery pieces designed by Ivka Cica that contrast with the organic sculptural garments and provide a more literal interpretation of the versatile material.