Chocolate journey

Mathieu Lehanneur teams up with chocolate brand Maison Cailler and designs a starting point for a motionless journey into a land of chocolate tasting.

From the Series

Chocolate maker MaisonCailler (a Nestlé brand) opens a magical land of taste in the heart of the Swiss mountains.

French product and interior designer Mathieu Lehanneur has designed the first flagship store for Cailler in Broc, Switzerland. The structure situated in front of the main building is small and takes on the shape of an armadillo. Lehanneur has successfully designed the structure to reveal the local and regional traditions and specialties. The custom ‘travillon’ which are wooden Swiss tiles form the scales of the ‘aramdillo’ while the entrance to the carapace is sliced as radically as a piece of Gruyère.

On arrival visitors will be treated to a guinea-pig-like experiment transporting them into a world of pleasure. Five chocolate samples will reveal an individual preference to types of chocolate whereupon a unique "chocolate profile" will be created for each visitor.

Watch the Talk with Mathieu Lehanneur