Casual time

Jasper Morrison's Please watch collection for Issey Miyake is a pure reflection of the renowned fashion brand's philosophy.

Jasper Morrison has completely suppressed his own design signature to design a watch for Issey Miyake that is totally pure to the famous fashion brand.

British product designer Morrison took inspiration from renowned fashion designer Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please dress sporting unconventional two-way pleating. The dress gave Morrison the idea to design a watch that would capture the unusual, modern and eccentric spirit of Issey Miyake in the same way the iconic dress does.

Watches in the new series Please are colourful and unique, mimicking the design philosophy of Issey Miyake’s fashion lines. The concept for each watch integrates the highest level of design into products for everyday life.

The dial and urethane band characterising the Please Watch are three-dimensional in a manner suggesting pleated folds, which are dynamic, light and delicate. The stainless steel case and hands are hairline finished to further earmark Please as a sophisticated adult-casual watch.

The Please watch was unveiled at the 2013 London Design Festival alongside Morrison's December chair, Oigen Palma collection and Fionda chair. 

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