Brand new for beer

Martí Guixé's packaging design for Estrella Damm beer takes its inspiration from the streets of Barcelona - and features recipes by Ferran Adrià.

With designs by Martí Guixé and recipes by Ferran Adrià, the packaging of the new-look Estrella Damm beer is something of a collectable!

Guixé created seven different packaging designs for Estrella Damm, which is set to launch in the UK shortly.

The brief with the packaging was to create something that links the “The Beer of Barcelona” to chef Adrià and gastronomony. As such, Guixé's designs focus on various aspects of life in Barcelona, together with recipes by Adrià.

Estrella Damm is to launch a new look for the UK market, characterised with seven packaging designs by Catalan designer Martí Guixé.

Guixé drew inspiration from various Barcelona landmarks for the work, including tourist hotspot La Rambla, Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral and the dish paella. 

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