Architecture in bloom

Bjarke Ingels's Watch Flower promenade structure mimics and draws on the natural process of a growing flower.

Bjarke Ingels takes nature-inspired architecture to a new level with his Watch Flower concept that floats above the Aarhus Harbour in Denmark.

The design was developed for an invited competition put out by the city's municipality, to create a landmark urban sculpture for the new district in Denmark's second largest city. 

As the name suggests, the Watch Flower takes its shape from the natural act of a flower gradually opening or extending its petals as the sun rises. The structure is a three-dimensional promenade, which cantilevers from the harbour edge and hovers above the water at Dock 7. 

The petal shapes create a 155 meter long walkway, taking visitors on a meandering, ever-rising journey with various breathtaking views along the way including the Aarhus cathedral, the historical city centre, the leisure harbour and the Aarhus bay area.

Although poetic, the design did not make the final cut in the competition. Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter won with their welded steel tower and pavilion-like viewing platform.  

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