Andy Cartwright wins Design Indaba Innovation Award 2012

Design Indaba Expo’s inaugural Innovation Award for 2012 went to design house Andy Cartwright Homeware for its groundbreaking new Korol home-décor range.

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Design Indaba Expo is a world-renowned design show that showcases the best of South African design. The show attracts international industry leaders, buyers and media who want to see what South African designers have to offer. The prestigious Design Indaba Innovation Award recognised Korol for its innovation, originality and quality, awarding Andy Cartwright Homeware R50 000 for the innovative product.

Andy Cartwright, head designer and the company’s namesake, was thrilled to receive the award and said:

We looked past conventional design recipes and inspiration to focus on the consumer’s needs and idiosyncrasies to create Korol. We would like to thank the Design Indaba organisers for recognising our hard work and the uniqueness of this product. An award like this fuels our passion for innovation, sweetens our journey and takes us one step closer to our vision of global success.

Made of 100% recycled polypropylene, Korol is a world first and brings a fresh perspective to home décor. It uses geodesic mathematical formulas to create star-shaped components or "building blocks" that, when connected at their points, can form anything from tealight candle holders to lampshades and stools to enormous wall murals. Brightly coloured silicone plugs add a sense of fun to the product and the options for what can be created are limitless.

A recent article on well-known industrial design website Core77 encapsulated the idea behind Korol, saying, "It feels like a playful spin on an organic process of building something wonderful, piece by piece."

Design Indaba Expo Manager and one of the Innovation Award's judges, Kelly Berman, said:

The award was introduced this year to encourage our exhibitors to keep innovating and to use Design Indaba as a platform to launch new products. Korol won because it ticked all the boxes and is an entirely new concept. Being eco-conscious as well as cost-effective, the product is very clever and widely applicable to everyone.

The other judges for the Innovation Award were Melanie Mahona, Acting Director, Commercial Arts and Entertainment, Department of Economic Affairs, Western Province; Gerard Back, designer at Mila; and Y. Tsai, architect and designer at Tsai Design Studio, and one of the speakers at Design Indaba Conference 2012.

Cartwright said Korol’s most exciting contribution is its ability to create jobs, as his design house will need to hire a large team of workers to assemble Korol products at his factory in Durban.

For more information on this innovative product, visit Also browse Design Indaba's Online Shop for a variety of Andy Cartwright Homeware's products.

Photographs by Julia Merrett

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