Aidan Bennetts

Aidan Bennetts Design creates products and interior design solutions that involve a variety of technological resources.

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Aidan Bennetts Design creates sustainable design solutions derived from in-depth research, conceptualisation, 3D renders and prototyping.

Aidan Bennetts Design is a progressive interior design company that uses a strategic approach involving a variety of technological resources to achieve unique, outstanding results.

Their approach to product and interior design is to simplify complex briefs into workable solutions that resonate with the client’s corporate or personal image.

The creative process starts by troubleshooting with intelligent design and engineering software. Clients are able to visualise their project through Aidan Bennetts Design’s 3D rendering service and implement changes in real-time.

See Aidan Bennetts Design at Design Indaba Expo from 2 to 4 March 2012. 

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