The African dream in China

A new documentary follows African people as they navigate the city of Guangzhou, China as people become more fearful of immigration.

Guangzhou Dream Factory,

Directed by Christiane Badgley and Erica Marcus, Guangzhou Dream Factory aims to challenge the narrative about African immigrants in the trading hub of Guangzhou, China. Recently a Chinese official claimed that African migrants are a safety concern and called on the government to tighten its immigration policies to guard against “unauthorised” migration. But what’s life really like for an African in the densely populated Southern-Chinese city?

Guangzhou Dream Factory,

Speaking to Quartz, Badgley said the documentary shows a side of African immigrants barely seen in the west. “Working on projects set in Africa and with African filmmakers for many years, I’m acutely aware of the problematic portrayals of Africans in Western media. We hope that Guangzhou Dream Factory will expand Americans’ understanding of African realities and allow a more nuanced appreciation of the challenges facing the continent,” she was quoted as saying.

Guangzhou Dream Factory,

Immigrants in the area often race overt racial slurs and stigmatisation. “Africans in Guangzhou are also like immigrants anywhere,” said Badgley. “Some are adventurers, but most are simply looking for a better life.”

Watch the trailer: 

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