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A range of skateboard designs want to prove that creativity can make a positive difference.

Verb, a collaborative initiative to encourage and promote a positive change within society, launched their second range of artist skateboards and clothing recently. Featuring a world of established and upcoming local illustrators and artists, including Theory One, Louis Minnaar, Chemistry 101, 35-ten-37, Christian Mugnai and Bison, the work is an example of how creativity can lead to empowerment.

The first range of skateboards, T-shirts, limited-edition serigraphs and collectors skateboard works were successfully launched at the beginning of 2010. This range featured the work of Kronk, Alice Edy, Wesley van Eeden, Jordan Metcalf, Bruce Mackay and Black Koki.

Verb understands that art, as a medium, has no border or boundaries, and that by working together a positive message can be effectively spread, to make the world a better place.

The skateboards, available in limited-edition, feature special black ply lamination with a quality print, autographed by the designers.