70 ways to repurpose the iconic Picardie glass tumbler

5.5 designstudio mark Duralex’s 70th birthday with an exhibition of clever ideas to transform the brand’s Picardie glass.

In honour of glass manufacturer Duralex’s 70th anniversary, the French design collective 5.5 designstudio has repurposed the brand’s iconic tumbler – the Picardie glass.

The studio collective has 11 years of conceptual design work and a record of prestigious awards, big brand collaborations and industry experience. Now, the “craftsmen of ideas”, as they call themselves, have lent their quirky vision to a seemingly simple object. The foursome, which comprises Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sébastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé and Claire Renard, had this to say about the Picardie:

“A Duralex glass is the very essence of what we believe about design: an integrated and timeless object. There’s nothing gratuitous or artificial about its conception. Functionality is everything and that’s what makes it beautiful.”

Recently exhibited at D’Days in Paris, the Duralex project explores multiple uses of Picardie glasses – a French emblem of sorts with cameo appearances as James Bond’s tumbler of choice in the recent 007 films.

The designers have cleverly rethought the purpose of the glass by designing extra 3D printed fixtures that transform its function – effectively creating 70 Picardie products.

This abundant accessories collection gives new functions to this legendary object, part of little moments of everyday life, says 5.5 designstudio.

In regal Duralex blue, the accessories featured in the collection are imaginative recreations of the Picardie glass. There is a massage ball, tape holder, water mill, xylophone, anti-noise helmet just for starters. 

In the spirit of making design accessible and affordable for everyone, 5.5 designstudio has made the 3D files of the designs available to the public for printing.

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