12 Great food apps

Here's a selection of 12 food apps that will help you make more informed and interesting culinary choices.

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Great British Chefs

Bringing together the culinary expertise of 12 great British chefs, this app features three menus of five courses from each of the chefs. Graphic design duo Hat-trick worked on the branding of this app that includes how-to films show users how to cook the dishes. There’s also a voice control function allows you to make a shopping list quickly and easily.


The Freshlist app transforms shops selling fresh produce into virtual marketplaces. While making it easier for vendors to make sales, the app also helps buyers find what they’re looking for at a location most convenient to them. A vendor posts his inventory onto the Freshlist marketplace via SMS. A buyer types his required list of produce onto the app. Using GPS, the app then lists all the shops in the area that stock the needed inventory.

FoodTruck FastPass

FoodTruck FastPass uses social media to help mobile food cart businesses to connect to their customers. The app allows customers to track the location of the food carts, while also broadcasting the location of the food carts via Google Maps.

The Kalles Egg Timer

Cooking an egg to perfection is an exact science and it’s here that the Kalles Egg Timer iPhone app comes in handy. The app monitors the progress of the egg, giving the user an exact indication of remaining cooking time. Music is a great accompaniment to food and so the app comes with a playlist to listen to while waiting for the egg to boil. Once the egg is ready the music stops, indicating that it is time to eat.


Digital cooking apps are great, but for the splatter of food that inevitably lands on the device. The iCookbook iPad app has an interactive culinary solution to this problem. By using voice-controlled features the ingredients can stay where they need to be, rather than all over the gadget. A list of easy voice commands allows the user to simply speak into the device and follow recipes without needing to lay a finger on it. And it comes with more than 2 000 recipes.


The Cupcakes! app lets you bake and eat a cupcake, virtually. Start by selecting your cupcake liners, fill the pan with cake batter and bake it in the oven before the real fun begins. Choose from a wide range of icing and decorations in different shapes and colours to create a little cupcakes masterpiece. Great fun for kids and kidults.

Seafood Watch

With many of our oceanic food resources under threat, the Seafood Watch app by the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the ideal dining companion. It tells you how sustainable various fish types are, making it easy to decide whether you should be indulging in them.


A downloadable nutritionist at your beck and call, the Fooducate app is ideal for those striving to incorporate healthier eating habits into their diet. By scanning the barcode of your food, the app feeds back information about the nutritional value of the food and what it’s made of. More constructively, the app also suggests healthier alternatives and lets you share food information with other Fooducate users.

Top Shelf

The Top Shelf app is like having a professional bartender on tap. By giving you a recipe to make a cocktail using the boozy ingredients you have on-hand, Top Shelf makes it easy to throw a spontaneous cocktail party without a trip to the liquor store. Depending on the ingredients you have available, you might end up with some crazy concoctions!


Simple but effective, the Locavore app helps you know what food is in season in the places you are travelling to. It is organised by region and alerts you to what is the best, locally produced food to be eating at a given destination.

 Wild Edibles

Drawing on the knowledge of “Wildman” Steve Brill, the Wild Edibles app makes it easy to identify and use wild edible plants. The app encourages users to learn about the environment while also getting in touch with nature.


Gojee works like your personal food planner. It finds recipes for you that use the ingredients you have in the pantry. The app also selects recipes, matched fror your liking, from food writers. It’s also great if you want to discover new dishes and ideas from different blogs and websites.

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