TEN Collection ft Sergio del Puerto (Spain) – teaser

Spanish art director Sergio del Puerto features in the September 2013 edition of the TEN Collection. Here’s a look into what he is all about.

Part of the Project

The TEN Collection features one international digital artist every month of the year for 2013. As part of its mission to be "the educational project aimed at democratising digital art", each artist will release a PSD and video tutorial to demonstrate how they created their artwork. The PSD is available for free download for one day only. This teaser features the September 2013 artist, Sergio del Puerto. His PSD and video tutorial will be released to the public on 10 Septmeber 2013.

The PSDFaux tiroirs”, featuring Del Puerto’s unpublished work will be available for free for 24 hours on Tuesday 10 September 2013 from 10am.

About the artist 

Sergio del Puerto is the founder of the Serial Cut Studio, a Madrid-based studio mainly focused on art direction. 

With a keen interest in electronic music, Del Puerto started his creative career by making flyers for the most mythic clubs in Madrid.

When he worked for Spanish newspaper El Pais his creative output gained much traction as he published an illustration each week. Del Puerto has also published a book, «ExtraBold», recounting his professional career.

Today, Del Puerto’s client list includes prestigious brands like Nike, Microsoft, Puma, Toyota, Vodafone, MTV and more. 

The artist on creativity, inspiration and influences

What are you inspired and influenced by?

I’ve been influenced by many things and people, from art to architecture and, of course, design. I try not to focus on what is done today. I like to look back, to search for old, classic references. .I can be inspired by a movie or by a childhood memory. As a child I never played with figurines, what I did was to organise them and take a picture. This was fun for me. I didn’t understand others kids playing fights with toys, I was not interested… I loved to create a still-life scene and to take a picture. When I remember those things, I realise I’ve always been doing the same thing/ 

Do your influences and inspirations have direct a impact on your style and your work?

Yes, and this is something we do not hide. For example, there is a tribute to the Monty Pythons with the headers, which I’ve always liked. It’s clearly the Monty Pythons, we do not hide it, because they inspire us. 

How would you define your style?

It’s a question I’ve always been asked and to which I’ve always given poor answers. Alex Trochut, who’s a friend of ours, defined us very well. He said something like a cross between surrealism, pop culture and luxury at the same time. I would add something about some irony, sometimes, in our images. I think he defined it right, and the fact is this quote is on the back cover of our book.

What word or sentence defines you best?

Good works call for better works. It’s my motto because it’s what I always wanted. I’ve always wanted it so that the portfolio would be the best of the best, the elite, because that’s how better jobs come. A few very good jobs is better than many average ones.