Robin Rhode on the artistic process as a journey

The lauded visual artist talks to us about engaging the notion of memory and journey.

Born in Cape Town and raised in Johannesburg, multidisciplinary artist Robin Rhode has spent the past fifteen years living and working in Berlin, Germany. His latest exhibition, Paths and Fields is currently running at the Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town and is an open-ended combination of photographs, drawings and videos that highlight his refined, minimalist style as well as the influence of European art movements on his work.

Chatting to Rhode ahead of the opening of his exhibition, he explained the intricate process of his work, dubbing it a journey.

“Certain works reflect experiences,” he explains. “The notion of the journey is how we make sense of all our experiences.”

In this video, Rhode explains why these concepts of memory and journey are so important in his work. You can also read the full interview with him here.

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Watch the Interview with Robin Rhode