UVA and Massive Attack: Work at the intersection of traditional fields

United Visual Artists draw on different creative skills to visually and musically represent ideas, like for Massive Attack, who also feature in this interview.

Creative collective United Visual Artists (UVA) work at the intersection of traditional fields.

It’s about eliciting a emotional response from people, says Chris Bird (UVA).

The trio have worked with Massive Attack to create large, interactive installations that move beyond the realm of mere “video”.

Here they talk about working with the famous band, designing stage sets that use light performances to create a new excitement around materials. United Visual Artists draw on a world of ideas to create visual and musical experiences that have an emotional effect on people.

We always document people's reactions and quite often we judge the success of a project in how much you change the way that someone feels, says Matt Clark (UVA).

Massive Attack join in the conversation, talking about how and why United Visuals Artists’ ideas work with their music.

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