Tyler Pratt: Bringing enjoyment to everyday life through experimentation

Canadian industrial designer Tyler Pratt's products are designed to be simple, practical and to bring enjoyment to their users.

Carleton University Industrial Design graduate Tyler Pratt started his own design brand, Tyler Pratt Design, where he creates products that are simple and practical. Amongst his portfolio of personal products there is a wooden iphone amplifier and a no-stitch leather wallet with a slot for a key.

“I try to use materials in a unique way to create a very simple solution,” says Pratt.

Pratt's thesis project was Mosaic, a cutting board that was created to encourage people to eat a healthier diet. The modular cutting board is made from local wood with interlocking ceramic compartments, and can be used by more than one person at a time. The social aspect of the design was carefully considered in the making process.

“My end goal is to have a beautiful object that people really enjoy using in their everyday life.”