Tammy Frazer: The art of creating fragrances

Granddaughter of the creator of Oil of Olay and master perfumer Tammy Frazer’s insight into perfumes will make you look at “smell” in an entirely new light.

Tammy Frazer is a successful South African entrepreneur who has single-handedly launched her own natural fragrances brand, Frazer Parfum to a local and international audience. She also happens to be the granddaughter of Oil of Olay founder Graham Wulff, but her accomplishments are a testament to her business acumen and to the quality and originality of her handmade scents, created from raw materials sourced in Africa.

Frazer’s love for what she does is apparent in the way she articulately describes each smell and in the research she has put into creating fragrances. From the process of formulating a new scent, to how smell and memory are connected, or even what smell can tell you about a person; Frazer discusses all aspects of perfumery and the art of creating custom-made perfumes.

Frazer views smell and the role it plays in our impressions of others as a field of study that is yet to be fully explored. Through bespoke consultations, Frazer gets to probe deeper into the philosophy of smell as she develops tailor-made fragrances based on many variables that include personal taste and environments, as well as memories and associations.