In Studio With: Massimo Vignelli

In the launch episode of a new three-part pilot series 'In Studio With' you get an intimate view of design maestro Massimo Vignelli's thinking and approach.

Italian-born Massimo Vignelli, along with his wife Lella, whom he practiced with for more than half a century, are among the world's most influential designers.

The Vignellis’ practice has spanned multiple disciplines and includes interior design, environmental design, package design, graphic design, furniture design, and product design. Their clients have included high-profile companies such as IBM, Knoll, Bloomingdale's and American Airlines. 

Arguably one of his most icon works is the 1972 diagrammatic map of the New York Subway.

In this episode of In Studio With you get an intimate portrait of a Modernist designer dedicated to making society and the environment a better place.

“Design can not change society but it can make it better. Design can certainly make a great contribution to making environment better and that is what I have been striving for all my life,” he says

He goes on to explain that as a designer schooled in the Modernist era, he has a certain awareness and connection to society as well as a certain commitment and responsibility to improving it.

I like to design things that last forever. I think it is important to design things that last, he says. Good design is all about responsibility. 

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