Stefan Scholten: Colour is our hallmark, our signature

Stefan Scholten of Scholten & Baijings talks about the role of colour in the Dutch design studio's work.

According to Stefan Scholten one half of the husband-and-wife team of Scholten & Baijings "colour is our hallmark, our signature."

"Our keywords are colour, rich details, transparency, coupled with hand drawn illustrations and a combination of different materials. We use these elements to change anonymous mass produced products into products with a personal touch." 

He how these key concepts found their manifestation in the Colour One MINI project. The studio took an actual MINI and "peeled it like an onion". 

The way we work in our workshop is very special. We create new forms by working with paper models. We call this the atelier way of working. We develop all our own materials and all our own colours, he says. 

Through this way of working they reimagine the colours, textures and materials used in automobile design.

Another example of the exploration of colour in their work is their best selling blanket, the Colour Plaid.

“A happy accident sparked our love affair with textile,” says Stefan. “We were trying to weave a colour plaid blanket when we realised we failed in our original goal, which was to produce a smooth colour transition. Instead of a fluid transition of colours we ended up with more abrupt stripes and in fact this mistake was even more beautiful than the original design.”

“Ever since then our fascination with colour has grown to become one of our strengths. We realised that mistakes can be used to our advantage and this has opened up new ways of working for us.” 

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