Soner Ozenc: 3D printing and coffee in Shoreditch

Soner Ozenc is the founder of Makers Café, a maker space-cum-coffee shop located in Shoreditch, London that brings 3D printing into the public space.

“I thought it would be a good idea to open a maker space combined with a coffee environment and that’s why I opened Makers Café,” says Ozenc. With a background in engineering and industrial design, it’s no wonder that Soner Ozenc developed a maker space, but what is surprising is the decision to combine it with a coffee shop.

Makers Café is based on a simple premise: “The idea is that you can come in grab a coffee, socialise, chill out and leave. Or if you want to get involved you can come to us with an idea and we make it happen in front of you,” says Ozenc.

Ozenc is introducing the technologies behind 3D printing and laser cutting to the public. Ozenc believes that his café is educating people about the capabilities of these technologies.

“We would like to educate the public because there is this misconception or illusion that 3D printing is pretty much the answer to all the big questions.”

The café is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom; it also functions as an interactive space where the Ozenc hosts social gatherings, workshops, guest speakers, and parties.