Rosita Missoni: If your job is your hobby it's never tiring

Italian fashion icon, Rosita Missoni looks back on her upbringing and the inherited values that now underpin her fashion empire.

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Rosita Missoni’s career is steeped in family and heritage. Born to a family of textile manufacturers, she grew up in Northern Italy learning to appreciate the natural beauty around her. This had an enormous impact on her love for pattern and design aesthetics.  

Now a fashion industry icon, Missoni looks back at her upbringing, the values she inherited from her family business and her exploration of pattern in textiles. Experimenting with yarn in her family’s factory opened doors for her own signature style, which subsequently became the brand identity of the global fashion empire she built with her husband, Ottavio Missoni.

This appreciation for natural beauty had a profound influence on the Italian designer and her business. She explains that it was very important for the Missoni factory to be situated in a scenic environment that inspired its employees to see beauty in everything and set the tone for their lively fabrics. 

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