Porky Hefer: Creative doer of a strategic thought

Designer, activist and agitator Porky Hefer believes its all about being brave, bold and trusting your gut.

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Porky Hefer is a designer, activist and agitator committed to promoting change. CEO and CFO of Porky Hefer, he calls himself a “brand interventionist”. Hefer believes in demonstrating rather than describing.

I want to be known as a creative doer of a strategic thought, says Hefer.

As a creative doer, Hefer is all about keeping things simple and solving problems. He refers to a number of his own projects to illustrate how he achieves this.

He is also a great proponent of original thought, saying too many people compare themselves to a societal norm, rather than thinking for themselves.

You are the next religion. You've got to believe in yourself, says Hefer.


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