Murg interview by Stacey Howell

Stacey Howell interviews Murg for her submission to be part of the Design Indaba Film Crew 2011.

Shooting at Murg's workshop in the late afternoon, Stacey Howell had a “ridiculously beautiful, sun-drenched aesthetic” to work with, which she took full advantage of for her video about product designers Murg. Shooting on a Canon 5D, Howell played with preconceived ideas of “alternative subject matter”. The video combines Murg’s edgy designs with softer visuals and even softer music to create the right effect.

This film was Stacey Howell’s submission for the Design Indaba 2011 Film Crew selection. Howell is an AFDA graduate. Her film The Tupperware Party was nominated as a Best Student Film in the South African Film and Television Awards. Howell and Meredith Shearer-Aylward recently formed a production company and hope to improve the local music video industry.