Marc Ruwiel on the Most Creative Stand at Design Indaba Expo 2014

Creating a stand that stands out is easier said than done when you're exhibition alongside 500 other creatives. Ideso took this honour at Design Indaba Expo.

Part of the Project

In recognition of the originality and interactivity of their stand design, the independent jury named Ideso’s the Most Creative Stand at Design Indaba Expo 2014.    
The idea was to create a timeline that showed people some of the highlights of what Ideso has done over the past 16 years.
You can create a timeline but how to engage people; what to do with them (on the stand) becomes the question. The idea was to make an interactive timeline, explains Marc Ruwiel, founder of Ideso.  
The Cape Town-based industrial design consultancy created a large-scale electrified wire loop game. The fairground game that challenged players to complete the wire loop without completing the circuit by touching the sides, had visitors young and old engaged for hours on the stand.
The loop also tracked the timeline, projects and evolution of the company from when they opened their doors in 1998 to the present day with beautiful graphics by Si Maclennan